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Make a little room on the grill for America’s #1 veggie burger brand. We’re coming in hot with some seriously tasty veggie burgers, plus two new quarter-pound vegan burgers. With plant based protein in your corner, grilling season is a sure win.


Spicy Black Bean Burger

Move over meat, America’s #1 veggie burger is here to heat up grilling season. The Spicy Black Bean Burger has 69% less fat than regular ground beef patties plus 9g of plant based protein. We dare you not to fall in love.

Meat Lover's Vegan Burger

A vegan burger even meat-lovers can love? Yeah, you heard us right. This quarter-pound veggie burger tastes and feels so much like meat you might just think it’s the real deal. Plus it has 27 grams of delicious plant based protein, making it our highest-protein veggie burger yet. Get ready for a summer full of flame-grilled flavor.

See nutrition information for total fat and sodium content.

Veggie Lover's Vegan Burger

Vegan food just got an upgrade. Meet the Veggie Lover’s Burger, our first quarter-pound vegan burger made with 10 veggies, grains, and seeds, 9 grams of plant based protein, and a whole lot of grill-worthy deliciousness.

Grillers Original Burger

This classic burger earns its spot on the grill with the perfect combination of classic, char-grilled flavor and delicious plant-based protein. This grilling season staple will never go out of style.